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Rambunxious Entertainment is guerrilla filmmaking.


A guerrilla can be defined as a member of an irregular, motivated force that combats stronger forces. 


Rambunxious is certainly irregular, surrounded by those claiming to be bigger, and you better believe they are motivated.


Rambunxious Entertainment was founded on the vision to conceive and create entertaining, thoughtprovoking films which would challenge the expectations and reach associated with the small independent film companies in Canada.


Launched in 2009 by Aaron Kurmey, Kevin Johnson, and Ryan Hatt, Rambunxious Entertainment has found a balance between artistic storytelling, innovative production and commercial viability.


While having only been established in the Canadian independent film industry for a small time, this company has not only found success pushing the limits of their own professional growth and creativity, but also on maintaining budget discipline throughout productions, minimizing operational waste, and utilizing innovative ideas to maximize resources throughout the entire production process.

With past successes and a number of fantastic opportunities in the near future to grow upon, Rambunxious Entertainment has established itself as a company of dedicated, resourceful and creative filmmakers. As new projects dawn on the horizon, they look forward to a bright future that will see their brand of unique, engaging filmmaking continue to grow.

Rambunxious doesn’t quit. And they’re just getting started.

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